Discipline is difficult. Discipline in sports means choosing to get up early when your friends are lying in bed. It’s finding the motivation
to get up when it’s still dark, in the cold, wind, rain, and snow, and putting on your training gear, ready to start your day right. But
discipline isn’t a punishment. It’s a tool to help you get a great reward. That could be a gold medal, a personal best or “just” a great feeling.

Having discipline means you’re able to concentrate on your end goal. This is useful when studying for exams or having to do things you would rather not do. We don’t teach everybody to be a professional athlete but the ones who learned discipline in sports will use it to be successful in other aspects of their life. Discipline teaches pupils a lot about the harder parts of life and the value of hard work.

And here is the chance to learn! Football morning club! For our pupils it is also not easy to set the alarm an hour earlier! But they do and they do it every Wednesday. They meet their new coaches Jan Veselovský and Asan from Prague Raptors Club at 7.30 in Tatran to learn new feet skills, improve technique and they have fun! All the activities are done through fun games and simple drills that the kids transfer to the game. Both coaches used to be professional players and have a lot of experience behind them. The Head coach studied sport management in the UK and the way he deals with the children is full of respect and fair play. Our children do not just play football they are pushed to think about the game and the movements they make. I would like to say a big Well done to those children who go to Football morning club and made this commitment and make every Wednesday morning so worthy!

Lucie Měchová
PE Teacher