This year’s Week Without Borders (LWBW) will happen from May 20th to May 24th and will be a bit different. We moved the dates earlier to make room for other events at the end of the summer term and also, only students from Year 7 to Year 10 can join in.

In May 2024, LWBW will include three trips where students stay overnight, and there will be activities in Prague like before. Students need to pick one option, and we’ll give spots based on who signs up first. Students can choose from the following activities:

Sport festival
– paddle boarding/rope centre/beach volleyball/table tennis & petanque
– Jump Arena and M-Karting
– canoeing at Sázava river
– SmichOFF bouldering and climbing

Bike and beyond
– each weekday students will ride in different directions, exploring nearby towns and countryside

Planet Prague
– a five-day adventure into the fascinating world of wildlife at Prague Zoo! An immersive experience featuring three captivating workshops covering ethology (animal behaviour), animal communication, and strategies for aiding animal survival. Delight in guided walks through locations reminiscent of animals’ natural habitats, gaining insight into their lifestyles and environments. Students will immerse in cinematic wonders with screenings of animal-themed films, including the acclaimed “Planet Prague.”

Flavours of the world: A week of culinary exploration
– one
week of culinary adventures! Students will dive into the world of flavour as they explore a variety of mouthwatering cuisines. From crafting the perfect pizza to mastering the art of pasta-making, and indulging in the sweetness of homemade tiramisu, our cooking courses offer something for every palate.

Studenti se ponoří do světa chutí při poznávání nejrůznějších lákavých kuchyní.

Filmmaking project
–  a filmmaking experience to the list of trips this year during which students will have the opportunity to develop a 3-4 minute short movie script and watch a professional film crew bring their story to life. The crew will include a highly experienced director and cinematographer and they will both answer students’ questions about their choices while filming their story.

students have the opportunity to develop a 3-4 minute short movie script and watch a professional film crew bring the story to life.

Nature parks and roleplay around Prague

– an unforgettable journey with our Nature and Roleplay Adventure in Prague! We will explore the breathtaking natural wonders in and around Prague through immersive walks and engaging activities. Unleash students’ creativity and craft their own unique barefoot sandals, connecting with the earth in a whole new way.


unleash your creativity and craft your own unique barefoot sandals, connecting with the earth in a whole new way.