Year 8 are coming to the end of a unit of work exploring conflict and war as presented in literary and non-literary texts. Most memorably, they’ve trudged through the trenches with Private Peaceful, our novel study, and have a strong sense of the horrors of war and how important a compassionate, international outlook is to build a peaceful future. As a culmination of this unit, each student in year 8 was assigned one of the 260 fallen soldiers who have been laid to rest in Prague Commonwealth War Cemetery.

This gave students an opportunity to see past the statistics and get to know a fallen soldier’s parents’ names, their wife’s name, the hometown and when and where they died.
Finally, we delivered the letters last Thursday directly to the headstones of the soldiers. Students were reflective and respectful and we are very proud of their approach to this sad but important project. The British Embassy was so touched by our efforts that they have offered to pass on electronic copies of students’ letters to next of kin around the world.

See photos from this event here.

James Goodman
The lead teacher of English