Tuesday morning at Úvoz was all about literature, translations and Japanese culture. Our Y12 and Y13 students welcomed two Czech translators Anna and Igor Cima who live in Tokyo and translate literature from Japanese into Czech.

Anna Cima was talking mostly about her debut I Wake Up in Shibuya (Probím se na Šibuji) which was published in 2018 and received a few prestigious Czech literary awards (Magnesia Litera and Cena Jiřího Ortena). The book was translated into several languages, including Japanese. She talked about her writing career, influence by Murakami and translations.

Our students had lots of interesting questions about writing, translation and life in Japan. “How do you translate together?” or “How many books do you read?”

It was great motivation for those students who are thinking about writing in the future, however, the morning was certainly interesting even for the students who don’t have any literary ambitions.

Anna Cima’s new book Vzpomínky na úhoře was published last year and we hope to have it in our library soon.

Czech team