On Tuesday 13th February the Early Years Foundation Stage children were lucky enough to attend a performance by the Azyzah Theatre of Lost in the Land of Twirls, at Nessie. During the performance, the children met Kiki, who found herself lost in the Land of Twirls. She was soon to discover, however, that she was about to take part in a unique adventure where everything and anything is possible. Kiki asked the children to help her complete some challenges.

They had to visit each place on the map, complete a task, and, if successful, get a word clue. Once Kiki had all the clues, she was able to answer the final question correctly, allowing her to go home. The children participated and enjoyed taking part in singing the songs, ‘The Ants Go Marching’ and ‘Oh Mr Sun, Sun, Mr Golden Sun’.


Nessie children attended performance by the Azyzah Theatre of Lost in the Land of Twirls

Mrs Dawn Warby
Prague 5 Site Leader