Last Wednesday, November 11th, some of the Year 10 & 11 students had the opportunity to take part in a maths event organised by Matt Parker from Maths Inspiration. Through an online conference, we were able to enjoy the insight of mathematicians on topics from the environmental sciences.This included the following sessions:

  • What’s happening now? Chris Budd (University of Bath)
  • Predicting the future Sammie Buzzard (Cardiff University)
  • How likely are extreme events? Victoria Stephenson (University of Bath)
  • Designing for low carbon Mel Allwood (Arup Engineers)
  • What will make the biggest difference? Hugh Hunt (Trinity College Cambridge)

In his session, ‘How Maths Can Save The World!’, Chris Budd from the University of Bath presented graphs related to the past and our current climate situation. This was followed by Sammie Buzzard from Cardiff University who shared her experiences using math to learn more about the Arctic, (and how maths led her to holding a rifle in the north pole). The Maths Inspiration session was exciting and interactive, and allowed us to ask questions online.
It was really quite a buzz and was such a wonderful way to spend a Wednesday morning.
You can watch the full show here.
You can watch Hugh Hunt 6min advice on what makes the biggest difference on your carbon footprint here.

Peggy E.
Year 11