Perhaps you have heard of the annual mathematical competition Math Kangaroo. If not, Math Kangaroo is an international competition. It has spread from country to country, and various countries in which the competition takes place work together each year on choosing the problems for the contest. It takes place every year on the third Thursday in March, in several places throughout the World, and students all from grades 1 to 12 are invited participate. The vision is to promote greater commitment to the study of mathematics through the use of interesting problems and positive reinforcement.

Czech teachers prepared this challenge for all Y3, Y4 and Y5 students. We are very pleased to see that many students were above Czech republic national average score (around 50-55 points) and for the first time in Park Lane history there is a winner of a category!

A Big congratulation to Tom S. for achieving 90 points in Cvrček category! He is a top scorer from all the Czech republic!

We would like to congratulate to fives best scores from each classroom!