Last week, our Norbertov school hall turned into a gateway to the cosmos with a mobile planetarium. This exciting experience delighted students from Year 1, Year 3, Year 4, and Year 5, fitting perfectly into their Czech and Topic lessons. Inside the darkened dome, students took a visual journey through the solar system, amazed by the vastness of space, the details of planetary orbits, and the wonders of distant stars, all while deepening their understanding of astronomy.

The mobile planetarium also brought ancient Greece to life. Students were fascinated by stories of Greek gods and heroes, vividly projected inside the dome. These tales provided a fun and engaging way to learn about history, making the experience both memorable and educational. The visit not only expanded their knowledge but also sparked their curiosity and imagination, leaving a lasting impression on their learning journey.

Norbertov's school hall became a cosmos gateway with a mobile planetarium