Over the weekend, 19 students took part in an MUN conference, this time here in Prague at The English College Prague (ECP). This is the first time ECP has hosted an MUN conference and it was the perfect place for our new Y9/Y10 delegates to learn the ropes of how an MUN conference works.

Students were placed in 3 different committees of ECOSOC, UN Women, and COPUOS debating on topics ranging from peaceful refugee integration to protecting women from violence and colonisation of the moon.

These students showed exemplary public speaking and negotiation skills and received the following awards of distinction:

Eva W. (Y11) – Best Delegate
Rudra R.  (Y12) – Honorable Mention
Josef G.  (Y11) – Honorable Mention
Sophie S.  (Y11) – Honorable Mention

Stay tuned for updates from our international conference in The Hague, Netherlands in March!

Carley Johnson
MUN Coordinator