The very last Football tournament at Riverside showed the fantastic determination of our Y4 and Y3 children who decided to play in the rain! They were given the option to play or to cancel the match and none of our players said NO! I was very proud of all our players who showed Park Lane core values to be resilient, risk takers, responsible and paid respect to our opponent!

The games were very close which is always very exciting to watch and the tournament between two schools ended up as a draw. Two wins and two losses. Kaila had brilliant passes and assistants, Lucas proved outstanding feet skills and scored!, Mathew great space awareness, Elias, Patrik and Jan fantastic goalkeeping, Andrej super mid player who always gets back to help, Tonda great stops, Izzy was extremely fast, Lev showed great feet skills, Louis scored!, Theo and Felix made some brilliant moves, Ella always with a smile and happy, Julie improved her technique massively and nobody could go through Klaudie! Well done Y4 and Y3 and I am already looking forward to more football games in the next academic year!

Lucie Mechová
Primary PE Teacher