Y2 and Y3 children won the basic round of the Children’s Football Cup and made it to the Semi-finale. This is the first time in Park Lane’s history. We didn’t win and didn’t make it to the Final. We lost. However, seeing the children disappointed and sad was a very important moment for all of us.

They cared. They wanted to win and played their best. Some of the games were very close and the difference was one goal and some matches we drew but there is always one winner.
However, there are benefits to losing and our children learnt some lessons.

They learnt humility. They learnt to reflect on what they could have done differently and hopefully will strive to be stronger and better next time. They might learn in the future to be gracious in victory as well as in defeat. And they learnt that sometimes despite their very best efforts, they will still lose.

These losses in sports can prepare them a little bit for the very real and often heart-breaking losses they may face in their lives. Like they may not be offered a job they really wanted. Losing in sports is a practice. And I hope that next time these children will ask themselves: “How can this loss make me stronger?” or ‘What can I learn from this experience?’

Very well done goes to: Theo, Štěpán, Felix, Matteo, Daniel, Louis, Giulio, Kája.
And to Mr. Jan Veselý (Headcoach), Mr. David (Coach) and Mr. Andrea for taking our children to have this experience.

Ms Lucie Měchová
PE Primary