Dear parents,

Join the Cross Country race in PARKLANE MILE 2022 contest in the nearby park Nad Bateriemi on Wednesday 5th October from 10.00 till 12.00pm. The children will compete individually and collect the points for their House. We would like children to wear House T-shirt on that day. The categories will go year by year and the girls will run separately from the boys.

  • Early Years: 100m
  • Y1 and Y2: 200 m
  • Y3 and Y4 girls: 400 m
  • Y4 boys: 600 m
  • Y5: 800 m
  • Y6 girls: 1km
  • Y6 boys: PL Mile

Don’t miss Parents/ Teachers run to show and support our children ! We look forward to seeing you all there on Wednesday 5th October !

Mrs. Lucie Měchová
and Primary PE team