Dear Parents/Carers, Students and Colleagues,

I am delighted to inform you that the reconstruction and refurbishment of the former convent school in Úvoz street, Malá Strana is progressing very well and we are fully on course to launch this splendid site as our new IB Diploma centre from September 2022.

Located in the immediate vicinity of Prague Castle in a very peaceful location with spectacular views of Petřín Hill and the monastery Strahovský klášter, our new IB campus may either be accessed from the school garden via the entrance to Hospital “Pod Petřínem” (Bus 194) or from the front entrance in Úvoz street a few minutes’ walk from the Pohořelec tram stop, which is served by Tram 22. Walking from Valdštejnská or Klárov to/from the new site takes around 15 minutes.

Our next edition of Park Lane Press will feature a full article about the new site, plus visualisations. For now, I am pleased to share the following details with the school community:

Park Lane International School’s new 4-storey building has:

  • a total surface area of 2200m2;
  • approximately 18 classrooms;
  • a library situated on two floors with an adjacent study room;
  • a school ‘club’ (multipurpose room) with terrace, café, incl. sound system for workshops, assemblies and performances;
  • four state-of-the-art science laboratories;
  • a dedicated performing arts studio and a computer science room.
  • a staff room and offices.

The school garden is approximately 3000 m2. Assisted by a group of Year 12 students, the garden is being redesigned by a company of landscape architects and will facilitate various opportunities for outdoor learning.

As for our new IB Diploma centre, we all look forward to ‘cutting the ribbon’ and starting an exciting new phase for Park Lane’s senior scholars at a truly inspirational location.

Best wishes,

Paul Ingarfield