Andrea Arciuolo

Librarian & EAL Teacher

Originally from the USA, I moved to the Czech Republic in 2007 and started my job as a travelling English teacher. I started working for Park Lane in 2013 as a teaching partner and took over the role as our English specialist and librarian in 2016. I really enjoy working at Park Lane because it gives me the opportunity to meet and work with families from all around the world in a comfortable and fun environment. I feel that children should have fun whilst learning and I strive to make all my lessons interesting and interactive.

In my free time I enjoy cooking and, of course, eating! I even have a cooking show online called Momma Drea where I post my recipes for everyone to enjoy! I love good food and sharing meals with friends and family. I also enjoy going on walks with my dog, enjoying the company of good friends and reading. I love living in the Czech Republic and plan to spend many more years here.