Andrew Johnstone

Year 6 Class Teacher

Originally from a small town near Glasgow, Scotland, I went to university to pursue a business-related degree, but soon afterwards changed course in order to obtain a B.Ed. (Hons) degree in Primary Education from the University of Glasgow. After a couple of happy years of teaching in my native country, I became aware of the world of international education. I now have over a decade of international teaching experience and spent the past five years teaching in Moscow, Russia. I am delighted to be here to join the Year 6 teaching team at Park Lane International School and to live in the beautiful city of Prague. 

I aim to build a trusting environment in my classroom where students feel confident to share their ideas and opinions and where mistakes are regarded as opportunities to learn and grow. Teaching and learning within the classroom should be related as far as possible to the real lives of pupils and I believe that effective education involves the development of critical thinking skills and adaptability in order to prepare students for the unknown professions of the future.

In my spare time I enjoy playing and watching sport, language learning, reading, cooking and travel. I am very much looking forward to exploring Prague and the rest of the Czech Republic.