Barbora Zárubová

School Office & Communications Administrator

After graduating at the graphic design school of Prague, I moved to Canada, where I spent four years working and studying English, Spanish, arts and travelling in North and Central America.
On my return to my hometown, Prague, I joined a marketing agency, and until my maternity leave, I spent the next seven years working for a few different companies, managing different marketing areas, from book readings and store promotions to overseeing regional events and managing website content. During my maternity leave I studied fundraising, communication and presentation skills and after returning to work I spent the next 6 years as a marketing and project manager and website administrator in a non-profit organisation (Centrum Paraple, o.p.s., Spiralis, zs.), as well as the commercial sector (Pears Health cyber, s.r.o.), deepening my marketing, communication, and digital media skills.

I joined the Park Lane office staff in February 2017 and am happy to be able to help the school staff with everyday duties and to be part of the team. In my role as a communications coordinator I oversee all different tools and platforms for communicating our activities to parents and students.