Bartek Zajac

Head of Computer Science

Originally from south-west Poland, after obtaining my Masters in Philosophy and Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, I relocated to England. I worked in Wiltshire and Bristol schools for 10 years before moving to Prague in the summer of 2017.

Although my professional career started with teaching Chemistry, when the new Computer Science curriculum was introduced I decided to switch to this new exciting area. I strongly believe that understanding how computers work and being able to program them is not only an amazing adventure but also a necessity in the 21st Century. This is why I completed my postgraduate teacher training (PGCE) in Computer Science at the University of West England and went on to lead this subject in a UK school before joining Park Lane.

Being a lifelong learner myself, I love to share my thirst for knowledge with students. I am extremely passionate about making learning as relevant and interesting as possible. As a chemistry teacher I was well known for my practical science experiments and was given a nickname: ‘explosion man’. I always try to find engaging facts, demonstrations and activities for my lessons.

In my free time I enjoy hiking in the mountains, playing sports with my two sons and reading books. Moving to Prague is a fascinating new adventure for our family and we can’t wait to explore this beautiful city and country.