Christopher Gibbins

Head of Year 12, House System Coordinator, Teacher of Business, Economics

After completing my teacher training, my first job was in Cwmtawe Community School. The school is located in Swansea, Wales. At the end of my contract I decided that I wanted to look into the prospect of becoming an International teacher and I was lucky enough to be offered a Job at Morogoro International School, Tanzania in August 2013. During my time there, as well being a classroom teacher, I became the head of boarding and was heavily involved in the pastoral side of the profession.
After six years at the school I made the decision to move on. I wanted to continue working as an International teacher, so the job search started. When I found the job advert for Park Lane and carried out some research into the school, I instantly knew that Park Lane would be the perfect school for me to continue my International teaching career.
I am looking forward to starting at Park Lane and meeting all the pupils, staff and parents I have already heard so much about. Like Park Lane, I believe that developing and supporting a child both inside and outside the classroom is an ingredient for success and I am glad to have the opportunity to work at Park Lane. I am also looking forward to living in Prague as I have never visited Prague before but am excited to learn about the culture and the traditions of the Czech Republic.