Gabriela Costiou

Lead Teacher of Czech History and Geography

I have always asked myself questions that no one can answer satisfactorily. Why are there wars? Why do I live in a free country and not other people? Does democracy mean that Czech history is over?

After graduation, I decided to study history together with French language and literature at the Faculty of Education, Charles University. But by reading French novels, I began to get to know human characters, and with a more critical look at our history, I began to understand that history and our liberal democratic worldview is not final. Freedom needs to be nurtured. While studying at the French University Via Domitia in Perpignan during the Erasmus program, I met many interesting young people from all over the world. Our habits were different, but our desires were very similar. Most of us wanted to live an ordinary life, filled with love and meaningful work. Despite different religions and nationalities, we all wanted to create a better tomorrow. I see my small contribution to a better future in the teaching profession. I am honored that after the valuable experience I gained from a private grammar and high school in Poděbrady, I can be part of a great professional team in Park Lane.

I am also the mother of two small children who ask me every day: Why? Why? Why?
And so, next to them, I learned a very important answer: I don’t know, let’s find out together!