Helen Duffy

Head of Year 11 and Teacher of German

I am originally from Manchester in the UK but I was previously in Shanghai, China for 2 years. I am a keen skier and snowboarder and I was lucky enough to combine my love of winter sports with my passion for German when living in the snowy Austrian mountains for 8 years before moving to China.

I want to inspire and enthuse those I teach with my love of languages. I believe this is best achieved by having fun with language learning and by bringing the language to life with real life experiences. Within the classroom, we will build a shared responsibility for honesty, trust, achievement and safety, where no one is afraid to make mistakes. It is important that all individual learning needs are catered to and I will ensure that my lessons offer both support and challenge.

During my university years I was fortunate enough to travel to Prague and I have fond memories of the city. I feel extremely lucky to now have the opportunity to live in a beautiful city that is steeped in history and surrounded by nature (and to get back on my snowboard again!).