Ilona Szymecka

Lead Teacher of German

I am absolutely thrilled to join the Park Lane School. During my own education I was very lucky to be taught by some amazing professionals, who inspired me to become a teacher. After completing my Bachelors and Masters Degree in German Language at the University of Wroclaw I immediately started to work in a school. Although I have been teaching now for 21 years my passion and enthusiasm is as strong as ever.
During my career I had an opportunity to work with students of different ages and with various levels of abilities, but for many years now I have specialized in teaching secondary pupils. I have an opinion of being very demanding teacher who assesses the progress very often. Having said that, I am well aware of the students’ workload during the day and I always make sure my lessons are as engaging as possible.
I am moving to Prague with my daughter and we are extremely excited about this new adventure. We are both keen walkers and I believe, soon enough, there will not be many places in Czech Republic that we have not visited.