Jana Řídelová

Personal Assistant to the School Principal, Clerk to Governors

I come from Prague where I live with my partner and our son.

Before joining Nessie and Park Lane a long time ago in 2007, I worked for Caledonian School, one of the largest language schools in the Czech Republic. My main responsibilities were to look after company clients, and organise their language studies A-Z. It was a great experience and I met lots of interesting people from all over the world. This is probably where my passion for an international setting came from.

In 2007, I started working at Nessie English Preschool. I looked after daily operations of the preschool, including addmission, admin work etc. It was amazing to see the children’s development in an English environment.
After four years at Nessie, my wonderful son was born and I enjoyed the time at home with him so much. After my maternity leave, when it was time to return back to work, I was lucky to be able to return to Park Lane International School.

My current job consists of several smaller job which can sometimes get quite challenging and it definitely keeps me awake and regularly checks my time-management skills! But I like being busy, working on different tasks, and I also like to be among internationals and practise my English, so this seems to be an ideal place for me.
I work as a Personal Assistant to the School Principal / Clerk to Governors at Prague 1 campus. I mainly support the school Principal with various administrative tasks.
I am also available to the Park Lane Governing Board, organise their meetings and help with any admin work which is needed.
Luckily, I am also a part of our wonderful admin team.

In addition, I am also involved in a project called Centre for Professional Learning, Prague which offers professional development programmes for teachers and school managers.
During many years spent at Nessie and Park Lane, it has been amazing to see the school and children grow, from a small four-class preschool at the beginning to a rapidly developing and already fully established secondary school nowadays. I am happy to be a part of such a successful place of learning and a great team.