Jana Soukupová

Educational and Child Psychologist

I studied Psychology and Special Education at Charles University in Prague. During my studies I went through several professional internships and completed my education at the University of Liverpool. After finishing my studies I worked in Psycho-pedagogical counselling and in different associations taking care of adolescents growing up in difficult life situations. This determined my future and continuing interest in adolescence and working with teenagers.

As a part of my further psychological and psychotherapeutic education I completed several accredited training strengthening my practical experience and depth of knowledge. For the last few years I have been working in the field of school psychology and at a private psychotherapeutic practice.

I´m honored to be a part of a diverse team, as well as being in touch with students – interesting young people with different interests, divergent ideas, individual experiences and enriching views of life. Outside of school I am mother of two children, keen on practicing yoga, reading books, following trends in Czech fashion and design, interested in education, discovering new things and in the diversity of life.