Joanna Tutinji

Head of Art and Design

I’m very delighted to be part of the educational journey here at Park Lane. With a rich and diverse background in teaching across international settings and online platforms, I’ve had the privilege of fostering creativity and growth in remarkable ways.

My educational journey includes a Master’s degree in Contemporary Art History, which has greatly enriched my understanding of the art world. Additionally, I hold the distinction of being an Adobe Certified Expert, adding a professional edge to my expertise in graphic design and photography.

I embarked on my teaching career as a Department Chair at King’s Academy in Jordan. There, I collaborated with a dedicated team to shape the Arts, Design, and Technology department. Our collective efforts resulted in the crafting of comprehensive competencies, the introduction of innovative elective courses, and the initiation of engaging art initiatives that created bridges between students and the local art scene. As a House Head, I was also involved in the pastoral side of the school’s boarding program, ensuring the holistic well-being of full boarding students on campus.

Parallel to my full-time teaching responsibilities, I’ve been fortunate to share my passion as a Graphic Design & Photography Instructor with Global Online Academy. Working with students from diverse corners of the world, our synchronized and asynchronous learning experiences have provided personalized feedback and meticulously designed courses, fostering growth, learning, and meaningful interactions.

Subsequent to my time in Jordan, my journey led me to the International School Carinthia in Austria and Stamford American School in Hong Kong. In these exceptional institutions, I’ve derived immense joy from nurturing creativity within the IB DP Design Technology Program and the IB DP Visual Arts Program.

For me, art is a captivating language that skillfully narrates emotions, history, and shared human experiences. I’m eagerly anticipating this journey with you, celebrating creativity, exploration, and the profound impact of self-expression.