José Marcilla

Teacher of Spanish

I was born and raised in Albacete, a small city located in the heart of Spain. We always make jokes that nobody knows about Albacete, but in reality, it is well known since it is in the region where the famous Don Quijote comes from.

After completing my undergraduate studies at Castilla-La Mancha university, I spent a year teaching Spanish as a foreign language online. It was during this time when my passion for teaching my native language began, although I have always been certain that my professional career would be in education.

In 2015 I came to the Czech Republic for the first time, concretely to a small northern city called Česká Lípa, where I was lucky enough to participate in a project carried out by Red Cross (Farní Charita) whose goal was to teach Spanish and English to students who had not had that possibility. After this enriching experience I moved to Prague, and from 2018 I have been teaching in state primary and secondary schools as well as independent private schools around the city. Also, from 2019 I am a moderator and examiner of the DELE exams.

Away from school, I love travelling, exploring hidden parts of Prague, books, and participating in sports, especially football and racquet sports.

I am very keen to take on new challenges. That is why I am very motivated and excited to be part of the Park Lane community.