Kristýna Ranglani

Teacher of Czech as an Additional Language

I have been teaching Czech to foreigners (children and adults) for five years at the Metropolitan University, Integration Centre and various language schools in Prague. In spring 2019, I taught Czech language at the Czech Centre in L’viv, and a conversational course to students of Czech Studies at Ivan Franko National University of L’viv.

I come from Morava, Haná region where I lived until 2010. Then, I went to study in Prague where I gained my bachelor’s degree in English and Russian at the Faculty of Education, Charles University, and Master’s degree in Teaching Czech as a Foreign Language at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University. During my studies, I spent four months on an Erasmus+ Internship at the Czech School in Manchester, where I taught Czech language to children. After that, I started teaching at the Integration Centre in Prague. In August 2020, I joined 2020, I joined Park Lane as a teacher of Czech as an Additional Language (CAL).

When planning for my classes, I always follow an individualised approach, and I am constantly looking for new ways to enliven the lessons. As a result, no lesson is the same. In class, I use the knowledge gained from my studies, lectures, workshops and the experience I gained in dynamic settings. Personally, I appreciate the value of creativity and my goal is to instil the same in my students through my teaching approach. I enjoy travelling, playing the piano and tweaking some Indian recipes in Czech style that I and my partner end up relishing.