Michaela Lopes

Teacher of Czech as an additional language

My name is Michaela Lopes and even though I have my husband’s Portuguese surname, I am Czech. I was born in lovely Prague and when I was eighteen years old I moved to The Netherlands to study there. First, I worked as an au-pair to learn the Dutch language and later I started studying Pedagogics. At the Amsterdam Faculty of Education I got trained to teach at Primary level. After my studies I worked with special needs children for a few years which was very interesting, challenging and fulfilling. After ten years living abroad, I moved back to Prague and I worked at a few language schools teaching Czech and Dutch. I joined Park Lane in 2014 and I very much enjoy teaching Czech to our Prague 6 pupils who are enthusiastic and hard-working learners.
I am interested in photography, art and design. I enjoy sports and ballet and I love reading and travelling. Me and my Dutch/Portuguese husband have two children, Isabella and Samuel.