Monika Komoňová

Czech Teacher

I come from a Moravian town called Uherský Brod. After spending one year in London, I began my studies at the Faculty of Education at Charles University in Prague. During these years, I embarked on my teaching journey with a dedication to helping expat students master the beauty of the Czech language. It became such a big passion of mine that it determined my next steps, leading me to continue with my Master’s Degree at the Faculty of Arts, where I specialized in teaching Czech as a foreign language. Not only did I gain experience teaching at private language schools, but I also had the opportunity to spend a marvelous year in Spain under the Erasmus Programme, where I taught children at Escuela Checa de Madrid. This rewarding experience gave me valuable insight into teaching young students.

What I love about teaching is the connection and dynamics that develop between the teacher and students over time. I really enjoy seeing students’ gradual progress and the creativity that can be implemented during the teaching process. I am convinced that learning and discovering about a subject can be a lot of fun!

I am quite an active person and I love yoga, swimming, badminton and paddleboarding. I am interested in languages, psychology, and alternative medicine. I enjoy reading, music, traveling, taking care of my plants, and most importantly, spending time with people who have a great sense of humor and an adventurous spirit.