Nikola Říhová

Czech Teacher

I was born and raised in Prague and all through my school years, I had wondered if school could be a more stimulating, exciting place. It was only when I started working in education myself, I found out the answer was yes.

I have worked with children and adults from three to retirement age, in both mainstream and special needs settings. I worked in various schools in the UK where I lived for nine years. I met many inspiring people along the way who had a habit of putting children first and promoting their curiosity. My field of study was a combination of linguistics, teaching methodology and deaf studies, including sign language. My most challenging job was helping deafblind children with complex needs as a teaching assistant/intervenor. Aside from my Park Lane job, I work as a language tutor, teaching English and Czech as a second language to people from all around the world.

In my free time, I study languages (German, Italian and Swedish), travel, hike and play board games. I also enjoy amateur photography, playing musical instruments and some less common hobbies such as archery.