Ori Goldshtein


I have been in Park Lane ever since Year 1 as a student and now I represent the school as a teacher. This year, my roles range from working at the Library to supporting other students in a variety of subjects. As a former student, I believe that I can help current pupils excel academically through my own experiences. Following my gap year, my goal is to pursue a career in Psychology.

My favourite subjects in school were the Sciences, Psychology and Mathematics, which sparked my initial interest in tutoring. For the past 4 years I have been tutoring both individuals and entire classes, where I attempted to challenge the students while helping them retain knowledge needed for their tests. From this experience, I developed teaching techniques that were tailored to the learning styles of my students, as everyone processes information differently. What interested me the most was the feedback that I had received after lessons so that I could involve the students with their own educational journeys. Overall, I am very excited to be working with the school and reuniting with the Park Lane community.