Rebecca Leverington

Teacher of Science

On graduating from University with a Masters in Chemistry I wasn’t sure of the direction I wished to take with my future; I obtained a job as a technician in a high school and within months was working with small groups of students in order to improve their confidence during the approach to their exams. This caused me to realise how much I enjoy the combination of working with young people whilst continuing to make use of the subject I love. I went on to train as a Teacher of Science and have since worked in a number of all-inclusive high schools across East Anglia with my last role being Director of Science at a medium sized high school in Suffolk.

In the classroom I particularly enjoy practical activities; I am a firm believer that the best way to learn and to remember, is by being actively involved in the learning process whilst having fun with it. Seeing my students learn about and (hopefully) come to love my subject is one of the most rewarding experiences.

Growing up in the county of Cornwall, a very beautiful and culturally distinct part of the United Kingdom I was keen to explore more of the world and when the opportunity to live and work abroad came along I took the leap! Moving to a capital city will be a big and exciting change for me; having visited Prague a few years ago I am looking forward to discovering more of the city and its culture along with that of the wider Czech Republic. My hobbies include music, reading, nature and hiking, I am a big dog lover and am hoping to find a furry companion to take with me on my countryside adventures