Samuel Fitzgerald

Teacher of Mathematics

I have spent the past six years teaching middle years students in the Boston, Massachusetts area while simultaneously earning my master’s degree in middle and secondary mathematics education.  Prior to my experience in the USA, I spent time teaching English in both Prague and Dobříš, as well.  

As a maths teacher, I aim to create classroom environments and lesson structures that encourage active exploration rather than passive reception of knowledge.  When students begin from a simple, universally accessible premise, and gradually encounter thin slices of increasing complexity and nuance over the course of a task, they are able to move fluidly towards mastery of seemingly difficult maths content in an efficient and enjoyable fashion.  Movement, collaboration, and experimentation are regular features of my instruction.

In addition to my personal excitement for joining Park Lane, my wife, Asya, and I are also very happy to resume living in the Czech Republic after several years away.  Outside of the classroom you may find me making jump shots on the basketball court, reading books and playing games in the cafe, solving puzzles in an escape room, “urban hiking” throughout Prague, or brewing kombucha back in our apartment.