Sophie Abbott

Deputy Head of Mathematics Department

I have moved to the beautiful city of Prague from the rolling hills of East Sussex, England. It was there that I spent five years teaching Mathematics and Statistics to all ages from 11 to 19. Spending so long in one school really allowed me to advance my pedagogy. It also gave me the opportunity to teach many different aspects of the subject, from Pure Maths to Statistics.

Alongside my first two years in teaching, I completed a Masters in Education with Durham University. This strengthened my practice two-fold. Firstly, my literature review broadened my knowledge of educational research. Secondly, my dissertation encouraged me to evaluate different teaching approaches and the power that flexibility has in the classroom.

My drive to become a teacher began in Year 5, when I first started helping the classmates on my table. I have always had an enthusiasm for Maths and fully recognise how potent a subject it is. My Mathematics degree only deepened this appreciation.

I am very much looking forward to my Prague adventure and in particular, to teaching at Park Lane. Upon entering the gates, I was very quickly aware of the close-knit community and the caring staff body. What a place to be teacher.