Stephen Martell

Teacher of Psychology

Dr. Steve Martell is a former professional athlete, coach, and sports psychology professor who is known for building students and athletes through a combination of educational science, psychology, and time-honored developmental principles. Yet, this former academic and athletic All-Canadian has remained keenly interested in education, development, and expertise for over twenty years. “I’ve been fascinated with both the science of expertise and how psychology can enhance growth and performance”. And, realizing that no one single educational approach works for everyone, his enriched educational philosophy continues to focus on students who are placed at the center of the curriculum. Despite this, achieving mastery required humility when interacting with a number of diverse students, professionals, and disciplines.
Nevertheless, when he is not coaching or deep within a book about sports psychology, Dr. Martell enjoys spending time playing the guitar, cooking, and trying very hard not to be the worst darts player in the Czech Republic.