Susann Weissova

Learning Support Assistant

As an Afghan, Canadian, and Czech, I am thrilled to be starting my career in Park Lane’s vibrant international community. Having done my BA and MA in International Business, and working in the Real Estate sector in Prague, I decided to switch lanes in the summer of 2021. Currently I’m pursuing my MA in Education: Globalization in Education with Moreland University, based in Washington DC. My desired route in education is towards teaching social studies or economics at a secondary level. I am excited to shape my career as a teacher and apply my learning as a student in the SEN Department at Park Lane International School!

Applying my course work with my position as a Learning Support Assistant allows me to critically think, grow increasingly competent, and flexible. All these characteristics are what our school highlights in student learning. I am excited to share the same values I believe are critical in today’s world, and witness the students of Park Lane evolve as 21st Century learners!