Tyler McKenzie

Teacher of Business and Economics

I have been teaching Economics, Business, Maths, and Geography in the IGCSE and IBDP programs for over 10 years.  Originally from Ottawa, Canada, I have taught internationally in Seoul, Abu Dhabi, Berlin, and in Prague.  I seek to provide students with learning opportunities aimed at fostering in them international-minded, entrepreneurial, and environmentally conscious views of the world.  I endeavour to create safe, supportive, and productive spaces for his students to express their whole selves, and to construct their own set of beliefs and attitudes. My  teaching style attempts to foster an environment of openness, curiosity, and critical thinking where students engage in learning activities that are relevant to student experiences and balance a student-centred, inquiry-based approach and the need for developing fundamental academic speaking, reading, and writing skills.  Outside of the classroom, you might find me playing recreational ice hockey and tennis, hiking the trail system throughout Czechia, and attending music concerts and cultural events.