How we introduce phonics to the Nursery Class ?

What is phonics: it is a method for teaching reading and writing. In the Nursery class, we also have the added component of developing children’s communication and language skills – we want our children to talk and have a vast vocabulary bank.

The activities are split into 7 different areas:

1. Environmental sounds
Using our listening ears to hear the sounds in the classroom and on listening walks
2. Instrumental sounds
Using various instruments in the music lessons
3. Body percussion
Listening and retelling stories by using our bodies to make the relevant soundsL
4. Rhythm and rhyme
Using popular rhymes to develop confidence when rhyming
5. Alliteration
6. Voice sounds
7. Oral blending and segmenting

This term, the children are developing these skills through the theme of Traditional Tales !

Ms Debbie Burgess
Sibeliova campus