On Saturday 28th May it was great to see different nations of the world gathered together at Norbertov to celebrate International Day at Park Lane. This special event is coordinated to bring the school community together for a day of sharing cultural dress, traditions, games not to mention the sampling of delicious food from around the globe and live music and entertainment.

Park Lane is home to a number of people coming from different parts of the world and this year we had the chance to find out more information, enjoy activities and culinary treats from Thailand, Mexico, Pakistan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, India, England, Poland, Romania, Scotland, Wales, South Africa, Italy, Ireland and of course Czech Republic. At Norbertov, beautiful and colourful stalls decorated the school grounds were in place alongside a pottery workshop for those who wanted to get creative. Throughout the day there was a range of performances, showcasing the talents of the children. Thank you to Miss Rosie, Miss Esther and the choir children for their lovely performance. It was their first performance after a long time and you all should be very proud. The children sang fantastically, beautiful harmonies and we are looking forward to more performances in the future.

Overall, the day was a great success and this was truly down to the generosity of our school community. A massive thanks to our parents and carers and a special thank you to our teachers and pupils. It was great to see pupils, parents and teachers from each of our different sites across Early Years and Primary.

You can look at photos at our photo gallery.