A very hands-on week of learning for Year 2, we have all been busy applying our super scientist skills during our Science and Topic lessons. As part of our ‘Island Adventures’ topic we have been learning about pirate ships. 2L got moving with a very active team game to learn the different parts of the ship while 2R have been having a great time using their STEM skills to plan, design and build pirate ships choosing and using a range of materials. They look fantastic!

2L have also been busy gathering woodlice for our microhabitat investigation, thinking about the perfect conditions for these common creepy-crawlies. We headed outside to carefully explore their natural habitat, and worked together to investigate which conditions our little friends would prefer. Would they choose ‘dark and damp’, ‘light and damp’, ‘light and dry’ or ‘dark and dry’? What do you think? Our results were very interesting!