We would like to inform you about the sixth PLISMUN conference, which is organised and run by students of Park Lane from 8th – 11th February 2024 in our beautiful IB campus at Úvoz. Park Lane International School Model United Nations (PLISMUN) is a conference where students aged 13 – 18 discuss topics of global importance by representing countries in a simulation of select committees of the United Nations. You can find out more about the team here.

PLISMUN ’24 has 6 committees which means that first-time beginner delegates and seasoned debating veterans alike will find their place among the different committees, providing a range of difficulty levels.

In recent years, the Model United Nations (MUN) conferences around the world have seen a remarkable surge in popularity, with conference places being filled at unprecedented rates. This trend not only highlights the growing interest of young people in global affairs but also underscores the significance of MUN as a platform for fostering diplomacy, critical thinking, and international cooperation.

We eagerly await your participation!