The 6th edition of PLISMUN was the largest our school has seen and the 2nd largest in all of Prague and the Czech Republic. Hosted at our new IB campus Úvoz, we welcomed 203 guests, had over 50 Park Lane organizers contributing, and held 8 delegations from over 25 different nationalities.

  • Our research team worked very hard to create many different research topics, all of which have been very highly reviewed. 8 different committees gave all delegates a variety of global issues to try and resolve: US Senate committee, a 100% original committee that we came up with, was discussing the impeachment of Donal Trump,
  • UN Women focused on the reproductive rights of women all around the world,
  • and the Historical security council was the reenactment of the Munich conference in 1938.

Over the 4 days, the delegates had 16 hours of debate time, which is on average more time than any other conference allows, while still only having to be present at 9:30.
To give ourselves a break after all of the hard work throughout the day, there was a social event organized every night: Thursday afternoon, all committees had individually prepared plans to bond as a group and break the ice between them, Friday everyone went bowling together, with the maximum number of points scored in a single game was 185 which is highly impressive.
Saturday, we rented out the entire Mecca club and gave everyone the opportunity to show us what they’ve got on the dance floor. A club filled with 200 people who could now be considered one another friends was a really exciting but more importantly fun time.
As I said in my final speech at the closing ceremony, this was an intense 10 months of preparation but even more intense 5 days. All students that participated in the core organizational team were up for 20 hours a day, working way over their limits. But still, we stood together, solved problems from all sides, and all together as students.

After a number of tricky years, our secretariat has managed to bring the reputation of PLISMUN to 150% of quality and raise the bar for anyone in Prague that comes after us. We will continue to share more photos, stories, and reviews in the future so you can watch out on our social media or website. PLISMUN’24 will be sooner than you think so watch out as the new generation takes over. In this link see photos from this event.


Feel the atmoshpere from the Opening ceremony: