PLISMUN’22 conference was a big success. This week, we bring you a selection of some of the best pictures of the conference, a short story of what happened on each of the days and a message from our Secretary General Marc Van Gansen.

Unfortunately, the opening ceremony at Pražská Křižovatka had to be cancelled, and it had to be postponed to Friday. Nevertheless, the committees met up together at local cafes to get to know each other through four typical MUN icebreaker activities.

On the second day, there was an online opening ceremony through a youtube live-stream that was streamed in the committee rooms. During the ceremony, the SC and DSG delivered their speeches, as well as the conference key note speaker Mr. Michael Žantovský, Mr Churchill and Mr Ingarfield also contributed with short messages to start off the conference on a positive note, and we also got to hear the position papers of USA, UK and Russia delegates from the security council. In the afternoon, the delegates begun to introduce their views on the committees topics.

On the third day, the delegates were working on finding a solution to their committees topics, and they all came up with and agreed on at least 1 resolution paper.

Park Lane Best delegates / Honourable mentions:
Matěj Š. : best delegate in COPUOUS
Tom Ch. : honourable mention in ICJ
Josef G. : honourable mention in HRC
Renée P. : honourable mention in UN women
Vera M. : honourable mention in DISEC

I only have one thing to say. What an amazing conference. Our amazingly talented chairs provided our delegates with an unforgettable debating experience. I personally visited all the committees while they were in session and what I managed to see was the result of all the hard labor our delegates, staff, and admins had put into both their research and work. Excluding the debates, most importantly, Plismun itself was an extremely joyous occasion. Especially witnessing the war between Disec and UN Women. I am sure Plismun’23 will be as much of a resounding success as it was this year!

Sincerely, a very proud SG
Marc Van Gansen