For the last 2 weeks, in all Czech language, history, and geography lessons, all activities for the years 7, 8, 9, and 10 revolved around a big project to create a magazine celebrating the great personalities of the Czech nation.

Y7 classes worked on three recently acclaimed Czech animated films. Kuky se vrací (Kooky), Lichožrouti (The Oddsockeaters) and Myši patří do nebe (Even Mice Belong in Heaven).

Y8 featured Czech sports personalities, both from the history of Czech sports and the current famous sports stars.

Y9 chose to write about Czech scientists and other personalities, who influenced the world, from revolutionizing the educational system to saving millions of lives through the discovery of blood groups.

Y10 focused on Czech communities abroad.

Among other things, students organized and managed their work as editors-in-chief. The magazine will be published soon,  but as a taster, you can already read our editorial below.

In its long history, our country has given the world many famous people, from sporting geniuses to scientists and politicians to artists. That’s why we, at Park Lane, decided to give some of these personalities a thorough introduction. We focused on three categories: athletes, scientists, and artists.

Years 7, 8, 9, and 10 participated in this collaborative magazine project, learned lots of interesting information, tried their hand at creating a magazine, and learned how to use different tools to create fun articles with quizzes and QR codes. We hope you enjoy our magazine and learn something new!


(on behalf of the editorial team Jindřich and Nela)