Dear Park Lane Community,

– Are you ready to have some fun?

– Are you creative?

– Are you competitive?

– Do you want to win a prize?

– Do you have a sharp knife?

If you answered at least 2 out of 5 questions YES, then you are ready to take part in our Pumpkin Carving Contest!
The task is simple, carve out (ideally with the help of an adult) the most original and creative design out of the pumpkin, take a picture and upload it to our Pumpkin Carving Contest photo gallery by the 2nd of November. The voting is open until the 7th of November when the winner will be announced in the Primary and Secondary Updates. (The jury will consist of experienced pumpkin carvers and lovers of orange.

GOOD LUCK and don’t cut yourself!!!

(Photos of the winning pumpkins will then be displayed in Café Pohádka, where you will be able to enjoy delicious pumpkin pie and pumpkin spiced drinks).