Karel Schwarzenberg visited Park Lane students in 2014

On Monday 10th March, we were honoured to welcome Mr. Karel Schwarzenberg to Park Lane’s Prague 1 campus. Our classmates, Kája K and Alex B, guided Mr Schwarzenberg to the Multipurpose Room where Year 7 had gathered for an English lesson.
Our VIP guest told us he would answer any questions that the students wanted to ask him. Several of the questions had to do with his childhood and how he became interested in politics. He was also asked what else he would like to do for a job if he was not a politician.
We found out lots of interesting facts about Mr Schwarzenberg. For example, we discovered that when he was 8 he wanted to win Velká Pardubická, the most famous horse race in the Czech Republic. We also learned a lot about his political career.

Below, please see some photos and questions asked by our students from the graduating class of 2020