During Learning Centre lessons last week all students learned about the amazing and inspiring resourcefulness that went into saving the lives of the three Apollo 13 astronauts; Commander Jim Lovell, Fred Haise and Jack Swiggert. They, along with the command team in Houston overcame multiple difficulties to bring the three men home safely.

Year 7 followed this up with a workshop on Resourcefulness. In pairs the students were given a limited amount of resources and asked to make something that could move in 25 minutes. The students came up with an array of designs including a parachute, various projectile launchers, a train, roller coasters and much more. It was great to see how engaged the students were on the various projects. After the “build” the students took their finished projects to the hall to demonstrate and discuss how they got on. Some of the students were sad that their design was not successful, but we discussed how as much can be learned from a failed experiment as from a successful one and what could have been learned from the experience. This was excellent practice for those students taking part in the Science Fair and I look forward to seeing many more of the Y7 projects.

Sue Gifford
Head of Year 7