On a memorable night at the vibrant Club Salsita, the electrifying Rockband Kombat unfolded, thanks to the initiative of Y13 students Alex G, Alexandr D, Jiří R, and Sam S H from Y12. The event featured the participation of five bands from Park Lane and five bands from international schools—ECP, ISP, and PBIS.

In a fierce competition, four Park Lane bands and one English College band battled for victory. The triumphant Groovesday, comprised of three talented young women—Veronika I., Charlotte W., and Eliska H.—emerged as the champions. Congratulations to all the musicians, and winners, and special thanks to Casper Hatlestad for preparing our rock bands.

The energy and passion exhibited by the bands created an unforgettable atmosphere, showcasing the diverse musical talent within our student community. As we celebrate Groovesday’s victory, we invite everyone to join us at the Winter Market on Saturday, December 9th. Experience these incredible bands live and revel in the festive spirit!

Lada Bartošová
Head of Music