We are delighted to announce that Park Lane has passed the 2022 BSO (British Schools Overseas) inspection with flying colours. After four days of wide-ranging and intensive lesson observations, plus meetings with staff and interviews with numerous pupils, the inspection process concluded with all six inspectors providing verbal feedback to the Senior Management Team and members of the Governing Board in the multipurpose room at Valdštejnská.

The lead inspector confirmed that all eight aspects of the ‘compliance’ criteria had been met in full and, on the ‘Educational Quality’ side, the quality of the pupils’ learning and achievements, plus the quality of pupils’ personal development have both been graded ‘excellent’. Although these judgements match the school’s March 2018 inspection, the feedback we received from the six inspectors suggests that the report itself shows that the members this year’s inspection team – the first to assess the school from EYFS to Year 13 – were really impressed by our pupils in all key stages and, of course, our dedicated staff.

We would like to thank every parent who completed the pre-inspection questionnaire and every student who met with the inspectors.

You can download the full ISI report here.