In Science we have been learning about the properties of everyday materials. We put our learning into action by choosing and using appropriate materials in order to design and build our own floating pirate ships. Last week we had the chance to see our STEM skills in action as we headed down to the nearby pond to test our creations. The ducks were very entertained by our boats of many different shapes and sizes floating alongside them!

In English we have been developing our non-fiction skills and demonstrating great teamwork to learn the shape of a non-chronological report.

In topic lessons we have learned lots of interesting facts about life on board a pirate ship, as well as a lot of fascinating information about the infamous pirate, Captain Blackbeard. Did you know he used to add gunpowder to his rum? He also used to attach lit fuses to his hair, creating sparks and smoke to terrify his victims!

Laura Clarkson
Year 2 Class Teacher