At Primary, children are preparing to compete in the Spelling Bee competition during the House event. In the world of academic contests, few are as charming and educational as the Spelling Bee. For kids aged 8 to 10, this competition is an exciting chance to show off their language skills and mastery of English. Each word they spell correctly not only shows their spelling prowess but also their commitment to learning and quick thinking.

Here are a few examples for each age group:

Year 1 – moon, house, cold, down, his, day, they, some, would, even, are, shoot, spin, you
Year 2 – know, because, clothes, dark, water, speed, middle, pass, planet, solar, ball, blue, could
Year 3 – break, pretty, meteor, hour, spaceship, orbit, everybody, arrive, whole, usual, minute
Year 4 – atmosphere, breath, perhaps, shuttle, thought, crescent, eclipse, actually, phases
Year 5 – exploration, solar system, tough,  thorough, familiar, curious, persuade, astronomy, observation

The Spelling Bee House champion will be announced after the final on 17th April 2024 !